Custom Finance and Accounting Immersion

The challenge:

The average score on a basic financial-literacy test given to managers ranging from supervisors to executives is only a 38%. Nearly two-thirds of managers also thought discounts offered by sales reps had no effect on gross margins. (HBR, October 2009)

The Solution?

A custom program for non-financial managers.

To achieve strategic objectives, leaders must have a comprehensive understanding of how the organization makes money, and how to link decisions and actions to the bottom line.

A tailored finance and accounting program allows organizations to:
  • Establish a common language of the financials specific to their business and industry
  • Prepare leaders to evaluate and communicate the financial performance of their department or company
  • Advance funding for new ideas and demonstrate how they create value.
  • Increase the quality and consistency of decision making
Who will benefit?
  • Department managers to senior executives who have limited training or experience in F&A
  • New leaders with financial and P&L responsibilities
  • Developing leaders preparing for expanded decision making responsibilities
  • Teams evaluating new initiatives or markets
Download our F&A Immersion brochure by clicking the image

Download our F&A Immersion brochure by clicking the image

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