Custom Programs for Organizations

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Genuinely Tailored

UNC Charlotte partners with companies to develop custom solutions that are targeted to specific strategic objectives and talent development needs. Whether you are interested in tailoring one of our open enrollment programs to your specific company challenges or creating a unique program for your organization, our custom programs are designed to meet your objectives and deliver business results.

Because Executive Education is a University-wide initiative we bring top faculty from diverse disciplines including computing and informatics, healthcare, engineering, social sciences, communication studies, and business together to create truly tailored programs.

UNC Charlotte has a long history of partnering with the business community to provide research and insight into complex community issues. As a result, UNC Charlotte has been an instrumental partner in turning research into talent development and delivering business results with maximum return on investment. Find out more by emailing us at

Examples of Business Community Partnerships


Customer Analytics and Predictive Analysis in Retail

A team of marketing and computer science faculty are working with a major regional department store chain on a pilot project that is focusing, among other things, on identification of the potential business value of customer and employee unstructured data sources through both data visualization and predictive analytics.

Cyber Security and Risk Management

Banking and Fraud Detection and Risk Analysis Using Data

Working with a major global financial services company, a data visualization project focused on fraud analysis, looking for suspicious activity that could indicate money laundering or other fraudulent activity among the bank’s millions of transactions.


Quarterly Economic Forecasts for the Business Community

Under the direction of Dr. John Connaughton, the Economic Forecast has provided invaluable economic data for North Carolina since 1981. Barings joined the Economic Forecast as a sponsor in 2010. The Belk College of Business also hosts a quarterly luncheon and press conference for the business community and the media.


Energy Smart Grid for Company’s Risk Management

Faculty developed a Smart Grid Analyzer for maintaining the integrity of a Fortune 500 energy company’s networked smart grid meters and controls, simulating smart grid services and protocols and exploring global risk and attack scenarios.


Market Simulation Model for Bank to Understand Behavior

Researchers worked with a major bank to develop a market simulation model, useful to understand the behavior of participants in the stock market, the behavior of the bank’s customers during financial crisis, and synchronization of the bank’s supply chain partners.


Optimized Healthcare Through Simluations and Modeling

Researchers at UNC Charlotte’s Complex Systems Institute have developed simulation and modeling tools that allow healthcare organizations to analyze huge volumes of transaction and interaction-level data to improve the quality of care.

Data Visualization for Hospitals to Take Action

Analyzing state data, UNC Charlotte researchers are building a predictive model and developing a high-dimension data visualization tool to transform complex statistics into actionable information for stakeholders and decision-makers of hospitals.

Leadership and Innovation

The Power of Meetings for Innovation and Decisions

Dr. Steven Rogelberg’s research on the strategic use of meetings not only documents the negative impact of poorly run meetings on employee engagment and well-being, but identifies key practices to unlock the potential of meetings to promote innovation and critical decision making.

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